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Roc Noir is producing a feature documentary about Singularity University, a new organization funded by Google and NASA which studies exponential technology growth, and how to use it to resolve mankind's biggest threats.

Featured interviewees include Stephen Hawking, President of Israel Shimon Peres, Buzz Aldrin, Ashton Kutcher,, Michio Kaku, Vint Cerf, Dean Kamen, Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil.

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Roc Noir conducts confidential work for key clients, including high security clearances at NASA and Google X, Google's long-term research lab. Google X film projects include documenting the historic self-driving car project, and producing creative content for Google Glass.

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Roc Noir is a film and commercial production company. We specialize in intelligent content and elegant cinematography. We're sponsored by Canon USA and Cinevate. Recent highlights at Roc Noir include hitting three million views for the Google car video for Google X; interviewing Ashton Kutcher,, and Buzz Aldrin about the future at FOX Studios; astronaut dune bashing in Abu Dhabi; and chasing baby penguins in Antarctica.




Matt Rutherford is CEO and heads the roster of directors at Roc Noir. Prior to founding Roc Noir, he worked as a creative at Droga5, part of the Cannes Titanium Lion winning team on the UNICEF account. He was subsequently a producer for Charlie Rose, on PBS. Matt received a Double First in Chinese Studies & Politics from Cambridge University, and a Master's in Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University.

Clients Include

  • cisco
  • google
  • media x
  • eg
  • pfizer